Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The Redragon K552 is a great gaming keyboard with full RGB lighting and the ability to be programmed with macros. You can buy it at an affordable price under $50, making it great for gamers on a budget. The dragon K552 is a mechanical gaming keyboard with full RGB lighting and the ability to be programmed with macros. 

With the release of the Redragon K552 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, You will no longer have to settle for a keyboard that seems to be for kids. It is an affordable mechanical keyboard with switches that are Cherry MX clones (Gateron).

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

It features red LED backlighting and has on-the-fly Macro recording support. The keyboard also offers some other unique options not found in many keyboards at this price point, including adjustable repeat rates and polling rates, detachable cable, splash resistance design, removable keys for easier cleaning and replacement if needed. 

With its sturdy construction and quality components, you get more than just a fancy new toy – you get a workhorse of a computer accessory that will last you years into your future.

There are details when buying a noteworthy keyboard; here are some of the most critical factors to look for:

  • Durability 
  • Price 
  • The number of keys (less than 20) 
  • Extra features like backlit keys or media controls

The keyboard is a necessary and usable part of the gaming computer, and it’s essential to find the right one for you. Redragon has been making quality products since 1988, and their K552 keyboard is no exception!

If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at some features that make or break your gaming experience and let you know which keyboards to avoid when purchasing one. Gaming keyboards come in many types, but we will focus on Redragon K552 because it has excellent reviews and value!

  • Many gamers make the mistake of buying cheap keyboards, thinking that it won’t matter. However, cheaper keyboards are made from low-quality materials and have poor craftsmanship, which leads to components wearing out quickly or not working correctly in the long term.

While playing, you don’t want a keyboard dying on you, so do yourself a favor and avoid getting one with poor construction! Inexpensive gaming keyboards can be deceiving because they may seem like good deals, but their durability is questionable at best. Generally speaking, there’s no point in sacrificing performance for price when both factors need consideration if you’re going to get what you pay!

The Redragon K555 has an excellent build quality compared to many other inexpensive options available today. it makes it better in the long run. – Cheap keyboards often have poor tactile feedback that can make them challenging to use for gamers who rely on fast reaction times.

The keys of high-quality materials, which causes them to wear out quickly and affect performance over time; they’re also flat, making it hard for your fingers to differentiate between keys during gameplay! Redragon K552 is very responsive with a satisfying keystroke feel, making it easy for precision control at even the highest speeds!

That’s what we need to know, a Complete overview. 

The keys feel great. They are nicely responsive and give off that satisfying “clicky” sound when you press them down. It is something that many gamers love to hear as evidence of their responsiveness in-game or typing into chat windows.

It also lights up, which is one feature I didn’t expect at this price point! It even comes with different lighting options, including breathing effects, so you can have any color combination your heart desires. The backlight brightness level is adjustable, too, so you never need to worry about being blinded by your light show either. When lit up, it looks pretty slick; I’ve never seen another keyboard look this good for anywhere near the price.

The keys are also built to last and will survive plenty of abuse, according to Redragon, who claim they can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes! That’s a lot of typing or button-mashing in-game depending on how you use it. Despite all that punishment, there was no visible wear after my weeks of using the K552, which is excellent news. It’s not just about durability either, as they have been designed with comfort in mind, too, so your fingers don’t tire even if you’re pounding away at them for hours.

  • But it comes with full support for Windows operating systems out of the box and all the keys you would expect on a full-size keyboard.

The K552 is also great for connecting to your other devices with its built-in USB hub. I’ve personally found this helpful when playing games that need access to my mouse while using another controller or simply because I don’t want cables trailing across my desk!

There’s plenty of space between each port, too, so it doesn’t matter what size plugs you use. They’ll fit easily. We have to say that the K552 can only connect one device at a time, although there is not enough power even from two ports, which was not a problem during testing.

Pros and Cons

  • I did have some issues with the K552 at first, though. The main problem was that some of the LED lighting effects (the breathing effect in particular) caused quite a lot of interference with my wireless mouse, and it would frequently lead to stuttering while playing games which wasn’t ideal. Such a thing did not always happen, but it was often enough for me to notice it straight away when I started using this keyboard instead of my usual Microsoft one.
  • It also impacted performance because even if you use wired mice like me, plugging them into your computer can still cause slight delays, Which by any additional device between your keyboard and the USB port. It isn’t explicitly related to Redragon hardware either, as other brands have suffered from similar issues over the years.
  • The other issue with the K552 was its lack of support for my Operating System (Windows). Although it is compatible out of the box, you need to install drivers first, which are only available on their website. It isn’t much of an issue as many devices require this these days but considering that Windows comes pre-loaded with drivers for most keyboards already, it would be nice if this one did too.
  • These issues aside, though, there aren’t any downsides worth mentioning apart from perhaps how loud key presses can sound compared to some mechanical keyboards. I do not consider this a problem because I rarely write or play in silence, so having noisier keys wasn’t an issue. However, if you’re looking to be discreet while typing or playing games, then this probably isn’t the best choice as it can sound quite loud at times.

Overall, I think this is a great budget mechanical keyboard that ticks all the right boxes apart from the two minor issues mentioned above. If your priority is having a good-looking and functional product with many valuable features, Redragon has delivered it here!

For those interested in picking up the K552, there are several different color options available (red/black, red/blue, and black). Still, each comes with an equally attractive price tag that makes them accessible even on tighter budgets.

The Most Epic Gaming Keyboard Ever Made?

A rather interesting statement, but it’s one that Redragon makes with its K552 gaming keyboard. This Cherry MX-style mechanical board uses low-profile switches mounted on an aircraft-grade aluminum frame to create a sturdy and responsive platform for your games. There are also 18 programmable macro keys strewn across the left side of the keyboard, along with three different modes for each key (for 54 macros in all).

What to Pay Attention to When Buying

We must be careful when choosing a keyboard. We’ll provide you with some tips on what features to look for in your next or first gaming keyboard. The last thing that you want is to have limited compatibility due to the USB port integrated into the keypad itself, which forces users without an available USB port to purchase another product so that they can use their device of choice.

It’s also wise to be keen on the price and make sure it looks good too! For example, if, like most people, you’re probably going to spend several hours per day using this device, then wouldn’t it make sense to invest wisely? If it doesn’t fit in with your surroundings, chances are other consumers will notice and think twice before buying it.

Some keyboards have two USB ports, one on either side of the cable. It is helpful for those who have a computer that has a USB port attached to its front end or if they need to connect more than one device to a single USB port on the keyboard. Increase all available slots by plugging them directly into a different source, sometimes inconvenient.

The double-USB feature allows devices to be connected without occupying additional connectors and possibly overlapping other peripherals such as external hard drives or flash drives. Also, make sure it’s compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Mac OS X (Apple) operating systems! We’ll also provide features like backlit keys, extra USB ports, and dedicated multimedia keys, all of which will help you become a gaming pro.

Main Features

Suppose you’re looking for other details like RGB lighting, macros, and the ability to customize your keys. It has all of these things at an affordable price tag. If you aren’t sure how much money you want to put into a gaming keyboard, we can recommend this. Main features: Mechanical switches: Brown Switches: A bit heavier than Blues but still great for typing with tactile feedback, making them awesome both in games and when writing blog posts.

Media Controls on top, so no need to press FN key or extra buttons N-Key rollover over USB Polling rate up 1000 Hz Onboard memory profile switch detachable wrist rest: We all know how bad it feels when we travel, and the wrist rest is not there to comfort us. This one can be detached, so you can use your keyboard without a wrist rest for a lower price or separate it if that’s what you want. RGB lighting: Full Red backlighting with adjustable brightness and breathing mode.


 The Redragon K552 is a great gaming keyboard for the price. It shines in offering an array of color options and multimedia keys that are perfect for gamers looking to add some flair without spending too much on their new hardware purchase. I’ve tested it, and it turns out that the Redragon K552 is an excellent keyboard for me. It has everything I need to get my job done, like extra keys around the number pad, making typing faster and more accurate. Plus, with its ergonomic design, this keyboard will keep your hands from cramping up even after hours of use!

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